Help with understanding of a project creation

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Help with understanding of a project creation

Post by danirockdude2 » December 6th, 2017, 3:46 pm

Hello, I'm very new to the FPGA projects (although I have some previous knowledge in VHDL) and I'm trying to understand the basics of starting a project from scratch.
I have installed both the ISE Design Suite and the Mojo IDE.

I have followed the "button to led" tutorial and made it through successfully but when I wanted to change things a bit I got confused and couldn't get things up and running.

I'm basically trying to understand the connection between the ISE and the Mojo IDE.
As was required in the tutorial, I've downloaded the "mojo-base-project-master" and followed all the instructions. When I've finished with the ISE I switched to the Mojo IDE and continued from there, but in the Mojo IDE I made a new project and therefore all of the things I did inside the ISE should not be in anyway connected with what I was later doing in the Mojo IDE.

I've seen that there was this "Mojo Loader" and it made sense to me that it is taking the .bin file that the ISE creates and uploads it onto the Mojo board, but now the IDE replaces the loader somehow and I cant seem to understand how since I'm not providing the .bin file to the IDE.

bottom line is, if I want to create a new fresh project and write it in VHDL (and I cant use the IDE to write VHDL code, correct me if I'm wrong) then I need to use the ISE but if I use the ISE eventually I'll need to use the Mojo IDE, so how am I transferring the work done in the ISE to upload it via the IDE.

I hope someone could explain me how all this works.
Thanks in advance,

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