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Arduino-Type Libraries

Posted: March 27th, 2017, 4:14 pm
by comeau
So one of the things that makes Arduino so great, way ahead of the competitors, is the IDE. Specifically, I can use Arduino with a thousand boards and a million libraries. Obviously, I'm not saying you should make more boards. However, if FPGAs are ever going to take off as a hobbyist tool, we need libraries. Lots of libraries. I want to make my next point very clear. You do not have to write them! This can come from the community.

For instance I'm am about to wack together a rotary encoder component, because I can't find one that I like. Ideally, I write my verilog or lucid code, submit it to Embedded Micro and it gets QA-ed and ends up in a library. Or I could make my own library to share across my projects.

The key here is to whip together a Library Manager into the IDE itself. It could be similar to your add components tab that allows me to manually add a family of components from a downloaded library. It could also be similar to Arduino's library manager, but that seems more difficult at first glance. It would also be nice to have a simple export to library function. For instance, I write my encoder component, I say, "Self, you are going to need this in the future." and I export it to an I/O components library.

Just a thought.