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Support for other boards.

Post by smithh » September 21st, 2015, 10:23 am

I'm sure you've heard of the Mercury board from MircoNova. It uses the Spartan 3A FPGA. Its a nice compact bread board friendly development board. They sell a baseboard that has switches, buttons, and 7-segment display for $19.00. That, plus the $45.00, 50k gate FPGA, make an inexpensive entry into the world of FPGA development. The only problem is that you have to program it in Verilog, yuk, or VHDL, double yuk. After using Lucid for a very short time, I am loath to use anything else to the point that if I can't use Lucid, I won't buy the FPGA. So I'm requesting that support for the Mercury be added to the Lucid IDE.
If I understand correctly, I'm guessing, you are generating some HDL from the Lucid input and shipping the whole thing off to ISE for crunching and getting a .bit file in return. So it should be a piece of cake to change the FPGA type from Spartan 6 to Spartan 3, right? Doing this would allow more people to enjoy the pleasure FPGAing, and extol your virtues as a programming GOD. I can hear the throngs now. Justin Justin Justin Justin. A little thick maybe?


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Re: Support for other boards.

Post by embmicro » September 21st, 2015, 12:01 pm

Hello Hugh,

It's great to hear you are enjoying Lucid! While we don't currently have any set plans for 3rd party integration, we are working on reducing costs and possibly creating a cheaper version of the Mojo (with Lucid support of course).

The IDE is still under very heavy development, but once things settle down we will be looking into supporting more boards.


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