Spartan 6 Documentation

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Spartan 6 Documentation

Post by otzen42 » March 1st, 2014, 3:30 pm

I know for a lot of beginners these are far more info than they need, but some of these docs (all from Xilinx) are pretty useful for woking with the Spartan 6:

UG615: Primitives Guide which describes all of the internal primitives you can use.
DS160: Family Overview which has some good general info, and links to other docs, such as:
UG382: Clocking has more info on PLLs and DCMs
UG383: BRAMS has info on using block rams
UG384: CLBs has info on the CLBs (this one is a bit less useful, but still can be handy)

They exact document numbers vary based on the ISE version, but I also find the Constraints guide to be handy for trying to define timing constraints on interfaces.

Never found a good one from Xilinx, but a nice Coregen tutorial/guide can be handy as well.

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