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Clock synchronization problems using FPGAs

Posted: April 6th, 2018, 1:48 am
by Joshua_S
I am a bachelor student and I am assigned with a task to synchronizing measuring components clock with fpga.
So far my in my research in the internet, I find that one of the solution to accomplish it is by synchroniying with GPS clock signal (an article i found several days ago entitled Discussion on the influencing factors of clock in FPGA design comprehensively explained this:

My questions are :
1. Is it possible to actually synchronize FPGA clock with GPS clock? If it is possible what kind of protocol should i use to achieve accuracy of 100ns?
2. Is there any other option available which can give the same result as the GPS solution?

You know, I am assigned with a task to design a board for clock synchronization using FPGA.
We want to get the time and clock from gps receiver from U-Blox LEA-M8T.
The GPS receiver provide 4 types of communication protocols, UART, USB, SPI, DDC.

The question is, in order to keep the data transfer between GPS and FPGA in real time, which protocol should I use? The question maybe unclear, can you please tell me what do you want to know in order to get a clearer view about the question.

If I want to implement SPI protocol, do MISO and MOSI on SPI protocol can be connected to standard IO pin on the FPGA? I read that there are dedicated SPI pins, however I do not understand what differ these dedicated pins with the standard pins. Can someone please tell me the difference?

If the only thing we actually need in our application is the second part of the current time (the Hour, date, etc. can be acquired from internet), is it possible to just take the timepulse and then connect it to the digital IO pins on the FPGA directly? So there will be no need to use any communication protocol.

Okay from my questions it is clear that I am not sure about this and that since I am new. I would really appreciate if you can be patient with me. Thanks a lot.