New Wave Capture problems - How do I set it up the new way?

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New Wave Capture problems - How do I set it up the new way?

Post by cerkit » December 13th, 2017, 10:21 pm


The tutorial for the wave capture states that the existing tutorial is obsolete and gives a short description of how to setup wave capture.

I'm trying to add it to an existing project and here's what I have:

Code: Select all

.rst(rst) {
  // ... other stuff
  avr_interface avr;
  reg_interface reg;

always {
    // ... more stuff ...

    // connect inputs of avr
    avr.cclk = cclk;
    avr.spi_ss = spi_ss;
    avr.spi_mosi = spi_mosi;
    avr.spi_sck = spi_sck;
    avr.rx = avr_tx; = hf;           // ADC is unused so disable
    avr.tx_block = avr_rx_busy; // block TX when AVR is busy
    // connect outputs of avr
    spi_miso = avr.spi_miso;
    spi_channel = avr.spi_channel;
    avr_rx = avr.tx;
    // connect reg interface to avr interface
    reg.rx_data = avr.rx_data;
    reg.new_rx_data = avr.new_rx_data;
    avr.tx_data = reg.tx_data;
    avr.new_tx_data = reg.new_tx_data;
    reg.tx_busy = avr.tx_busy;
    reg.regIn.drdy = 0;                   // default to not ready = 32bx;                // don't care
I then click the debug button, select three signals (1 bit each) on the IDE and it builds the project. I load it into the Mojo, but when I click the connect button on the Wave Capture window, I get the error:

"Failed to get wave capture information!"

I also tried adding my signals to the in the always block (at the bottom) like so:

Code: Select all = c{ max.sck, max.dout, max.cs }; 
reg.regIn.drdy = 1;             // signal data ready
I also tried

Code: Select all = c{ 29x{b0}, max.sck, max.dout, max.cs }; 
While this is a serial interface, I am not attempting to use the Mojo's serial, I am bit-banging an spi master component.

Any ideas?

Michael Earls

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