[SOLVED] Opening serial port crashes mojo (V3)

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[SOLVED] Opening serial port crashes mojo (V3)

Post by bwc » December 5th, 2013, 8:17 pm

I have been struggling to get the "hello world" example to work.

everything compiles fine and uploads ok, but as soon as I open a serial connection to the board for communications, it crashes.
I have tried this from several different PC's and they all have the same problem.
also, the "done" LED turns off as soon as I open the serial port.

I am using a Mojo V3
with the latest firmware "Mojo-Loader-1.2.hex"
and the code from the Hello World Example.

The problem was that I am using Matlab for my serial comms. There is something that it does when it opens the port that screws up the communications. To test it out I used PUTTY with success.

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