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Re-install the free old windows Hyperterminal for Mojo Comms

Posted: August 3rd, 2016, 3:05 am
by qbitrex
For Windows users of Mojo doing the Verilog "Hello World" tutorial
You can download a copy of the old Hyper Terminal before Microsoft dropped it out and it became its own separate commercial version.
The site is here: ... nstall-it/
Download and install it.
To use it:
  • Determine what com port Mojo installed itself to here:
    Control Panel/Device Manager/Ports Mojo V3 (COM?)
    Setup a new modem session 38400 8-N-1
    test the connection hit "h"
    Mojo Responds with "Hello World!"
    Save it as
    Setup a shortcut to where you installed hypertm.exe
    Add the path string location of the Hyper Terminal Mojo parameter file to the command line and it will start up polling the Mojo.
The path string can be found by right mouse button/properties on the file when using the open.. command.