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FPGArduino on Mojo

Post by mistery » July 17th, 2015, 2:36 am

Radiona Makerspace in colaboration with Faculty of Electrical Engineering Zagreb (FER) are working on project FPGArduino.
Core of this project is open source procesor F32C (32-bit MIPS i RISC-V) that has was designed at FER.


We already have lots of boards supported, and some examples, lately we have support for SRAM (only on our board), SoftI2C, SPI, initial SD card support from arduino, VGA with some frame buffer controlled from arduino, so maybe someone will find it usefullm and join development.

On our page you can see we are already supported boards that we have on stock, we also recieved some sample boards, last donation vas from Numato so we did initial support for ElbertV2, and on MimasV2 we got all running ...

If someone have time or will to support Mojo let us know so we can help.

You can find a code on git

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