Graphical Processor

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Graphical Processor

Post by Morrobotz » July 5th, 2015, 7:41 pm

I wanted to try out using the board to preform pixel to pixel graphical processing in parallel. the first test would be to setup a set of gates to do 8 bit subtraction in parallel. The idea is to create a difference map between the two images.

Things I will need to accomplish for these tests:

Sending raw image data to the board over serial (for now).
Setting up a large gate array for pixel to pixel processing.
Possibly having to tie in some outside memory space.

Any advice, links, thoughts, tips and tricks would be welcome.

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Re: Graphical Processor

Post by embmicro » July 6th, 2015, 11:16 am

You will find that it will actually be much more practical to actually serialize a lot of the processing. If you have a large image, you won't be able to processes every single pixel at the same time. There isn't enough space in the FPGA and you could never pipe in/out that much data that fast. Instead, you should be able to easily process each pixel as it comes in and pipe it out at the same rate. The parallelness of the FPGA is helpful in that you can make a custom pipeline with many pixels being pushed through at any given moment. For a simple subtraction, your pipeline would only be one stage.

Depending on the size of the images you want to process and what you want to do with them, you may need to get an SDRAM Shield. For example, the blob tracking design I used with our hexapod doesn't actually need the SDRAM. However, when I was experimenting with it I tried to blur the image before doing the blob detection to remove noise. The blur required me to store the image in RAM and run two passes over it (I did a simple box blur).

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