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Success with Mojo and creating hexadecimal counter components

Posted: April 25th, 2018, 12:27 pm
by beckerdo
Hello all,

I just started with the Mojo board and IDE this month, and in general I am having lots of success.

I installed the IDE on Windows 10, installed the wrong Xilinx ISE version Windows 10, ran into lots of issues, but I came to this board found some guidance and got up and running with the correct version.

I've been following many examples on this site and the "Learning FPGAs" book from Rajewski. They've all been working well.

My first original project was to create a hexadecimal counter for the IO Shield, based on the examples in Chapter 5. I did not see any forum topics on creating your own Mojo IDE components, but it was pretty trivial to look at the install path and see to move my components to the Mojo IDE/library/components path and update the lib.xml configuration file. If there is not already a blog post or forum topic on creating components, I suggest we create one.

Is there a way to contribute these components to the Mojo IDE source? I'm sure hex display is a useful thing for many projects.

Thanks, Dan Becker

Re: Success with Mojo and creating hexadecimal counter components

Posted: May 9th, 2018, 12:02 pm
by embmicro
Hey Dan,

We don't currently have a supported way to add your own components but it is a common feature request that will get added.

You can do as you mentioned and edit the built in library but know that it'll get undone with the next update to the library or IDE.