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Code Comments?

Post by leictreonaic » May 4th, 2013, 1:42 pm

First of all Thank you for introducing me and getting me excited about FPGAs!!

I have never used verilog or FPGAs before the Mojo. I've had experience with arduino, basic stamp, and xcode, all programming language. I've also worked with some function block programming.
I noticed there are no comments in the base tutorial project code.
This would help in explaining what everything does and where everything hooks up specifically to the base project while I'm in the code examining it.

For example, comments in the avr_interface, serial and analog modules to more easily discern what is going on in there. To break it down a bit and explain the chunks.
Its different thinking than programming for software like basic stamp, arduino, or xcode because its a description of logic and not really a sequential program.

The tutorials are good at explaining the basics so far. I end up constantly referring to the tutorials and when I still don't understand I go in search of other reference. Which is all good. But if there was one comment in the code that could bypass all that it would be appreciated. I'm trying to figure out the send data to tx_data for using the serial to avr to pc.

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